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The South Side living spaces offer abundant re-purposed and industrial features with open floor plans and plenty of space to live and make, connecting you to what you love - and where it happens.

The South Side Living + Maker Spaces offers 65 unique one bedroom units for rent, ranging from 450-900 sq ft. While they are technically one-of-a-kind, there are five general types of floor plans:

      1. Studio
      2. Studios with Maker Spaces
      3. One Bedroom Studio
      4. One Bedroom
      5. Two-Story Lofts

Learn more about the amenities, or explore the floor plans below.

Questions? Email us! Want to see the spaces in person? Schedule a tour. Ready to rent? Start your application online -> Online application.

Studio (Floor plan F, D2)

If you are looking for a true studio apartment experience with one large wide open space to define as you wish, then you will love the freedom and flexibility of our Studio units. Tall ceilings make these 425-450 sq. ft units seem larger and are priced affordably from $850-$1050.

Sample layout:

[click to enlarge]

One Bedroom Studio (Floor plans B1, B2, B3, C, D1)

Our “One Bedroom Studio” units provide more separation of living and sleeping spaces than a traditional “Studio” unit, but not as much privacy as a private one-bedroom unit.  450-800 sq. ft. range from $847-$1170/month.

Sample Layout:

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Studio+Maker Space (Floor plans CS, DS)

For those looking to live the epitome of the South Side vision, we have a select number of “One Bedroom Studio” units with direct access to a separate maker space. These measure from 700-800 sq. feet, with rent ranging $1069-$1170. Add the attached maker space for an additional $200-$400/month. (The maker space is a separate lease to enable you to operate a business out of the space.) Please email southside@hoganre.com for more details! 

Sample Layout:

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1 BR (Floor Plan E)

If you are looking for traditional separation between your living and sleeping space, then this floor plan with a dedicated, private bedroom is for you! Ranging from 491-550 sq ft., the monthly rent will be $850-$1050/month.

Sample Layout:

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Two Story Lofts (Floor Plans A1, A2)

These units are two levels, with the bedroom on a separate but open level.

A1: Ranging from 500-530 sq. ft. with monthly rent of $942, and A2: Ranging from 647-895 sq. ft with a monthly rent of $1,195-$1,317.

Sample Layout:

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